If our work had a single guiding principle it would have to be, “Always endeavor to make life more beautiful.” This speaks not just to what we do, but to how we do it. The pursuit of a more beautiful life requires working toward social justice and equitable employment. It demands deep respect for and stewardship of our environment. It is an ongoing journey, one that we embrace wholeheartedly.

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Driven by an insatiable curiosity about what is next, FS&CO is on a journey to discover—and create—the future of design. This means pursuing innovation in sustainable materials and processes. It means exploring new, immersive design technologies. It means embracing every opportunity to learn, experiment and evolve, with the single-minded goal of empowering designers and homeowners to achieve beyond their greatest expectations. Because, in the pursuit of beauty, there is no endpoint—we are always learning, always building, always pushing forward.


In 1889, Frederic Schumacher left his native Paris to come to New York, just anticipating the arrival of the Gilded Age. His impeccable taste, combined with an eye for design that was outside the ordinary, catapulted him to the center of design as culture. Over the years, F. Schumacher & CO. always remained a step ahead of the design zeitgeist. From the first Roosevelt White House to Camelot, from Cecil Beaton to Schiaparelli, Schumacher is constantly bringing design forward to define culture. We are unchanging only in our commitment to quality and beauty. Learn more ›