We value authenticity, originality and fearlessness in the pursuit of brave beauty. We approach design with an entrepreneurial spirit of experimentation, innovation and curiosity, knowing that close collaboration, between designers, clients and vendors leads to amazing results. We believe in the power of transformative spaces to shape our lives. We are always looking to the future, drawing from an endless well of inspiration, informed by the world around us.


The pursuit of design is made more powerful by more voices and more ideas. We seek diversity in our workforce not just because we believe it’s right and fair—we also know it’s how to expand the true pursuit of beauty in design. An exceptional future will be built from a diversity of perspectives and ideas, putting authenticity at the forefront, bringing us to a deeper understanding of our complex cultural history.


FS&CO is embracing ecological and climate stewardship, examining every aspect of our business for opportunities to reduce or eliminate impacts. From partnering with eco-friendly vendors throughout the production process, to sourcing natural, sustainable raw materials, to pioneering Green Guard certified digital wallpaper printing, recyclable packaging across our operations and offering exclusively Low VOC, Green Wise and Carbon Neutral Certified paints, we embrace best practices, seeing this not as a burden but as an opportunity to create a resilient, enduring business.


Founded in 1889 by Parisian, Frederic Schumacher, FS&Co is united by a belief in the transformative power of art and design in our daily lives. A fifth-generation family business, owned by Stephen and Andrew Puschel, the great-great-grandnephews of our founder, FS&CO is a family of brands, including Schumacher, Patterson Flynn, Backdrop, Frederic Media and Brooklyn Printing Company—a powerfully creative array of expertise that speaks to our unstoppable dedication to the pursuit of brave beauty in all aspects of design and life.